Wagner college application essay

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On April 27, 1986, González was scheduled to team with his son for the first time, facing off against the team of Ángel Blanco and Ángel Blanco, Jr. While driving to Monterrey from Nuevo Laredo the car, carrying González, Ángel Blanco, El Solar , Mano Negra and Jungla Negra crashed when one of the tires exploded. Ángel Blanco, the driver of the car, was killed on impact, while González suffered severe spinal damage and was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. The remaining three wrestlers, all passengers in the back seat, only suffered minor injuries from the crash. González had to have steel wires inserted into his spinal column in order to stabilize him, but the injury left him wheelchair-bound. The doctors told him he would never walk again, but he would later learn to walk with the use of a cane. [1] Following his forced retirement González kept a keen interest in wrestling, overseeing the careers of his sons Dr. wagner, Jr. and César , who wrestles under the name Silver King. He would also work as a cab driver as well as owning a gym and several pieces of real estate. In early 2004 González had to undergo back surgery to have the wires in his spinal column replaced, improving the mobility in his legs. On September 12, 2004, González suffered a heart attack and died; his death was a surprise to friends and family, as he had generally been in good health. [1]

Wagner college application essay

wagner college application essay


wagner college application essaywagner college application essaywagner college application essaywagner college application essay