Thesis not resizing thumbnails

I just got a mac because I was told I needed one for so long. I was so happy when I got one…now, I feel like I’m back in AP chem class. I’m looking around like “why can’t I make this page bigger?” “you mean to tell me I can’t get that window back?” “why is this so complicated?” “that’s a really long process for something that should just be a click”.
Why does nobody realize this? I got the mac because my pc sounded like a hairdryer and I wanted a laptop. Now, I realize how much faster it is for tasks. Click, drag, and paste? Nope…The learning curve sucks. Sure, macs make little fancy icons bounce, and make cool sounds when you click on things. All aesthetics. They’re like smartphones now: great for everything except what they’re designed for. Fashion over function. I’m going to strongly recommend people to get a regular microsoft laptop if they want easy function. I’m very upset and dissapointed with apple. I had such high hopes. I don’t get it, I thought they were “ahead of the times”?
We all keep falling for it.

Mikito Takada : It's definitely not a silver bullet, but I find that with Node's evented async model, you get to write something that works quickly on a single process; since there is only one thread of execution, you gain simplicity. When it comes time to scale you skip thinking about scaling to multiple cores on a single machine and go directly to thinking about scaling to multiple machines. It's less efficient since instead of IPC you use sockets or an external service like Redis for a single machine, but I feel like the ability to scale by adding machines is more important. In my view, Node is about taking a simple idea (single-process event loops), and seeing how far one can go with it.

Just started making this site for my boss at work. Trying the image map for the second navigation bar that I have underneath the header image. I carefully followed the code, but what happens is that it puts a blue box around the entire image, like the entire image is a link, but its not clickable and none of the hotspots are being recognizable either.
Is it because I am making it in weebly? I thought weebly should recognize any custom html. I’m using Firefox, but when I previewed it in IE – same thing.
Also I thought maybe its because the coords are not whole numbers? but I tried making them integers and that didnt work either.
Someone please help =(

Thesis not resizing thumbnails

thesis not resizing thumbnails


thesis not resizing thumbnailsthesis not resizing thumbnailsthesis not resizing thumbnailsthesis not resizing thumbnails