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Hello Jörg, many thanks for your post, it is really helpful. I have one question regarding the generation of summary statistics: I want to show 4 columns corresponding to: Year 1, average and SD; and Year 2, average and SD. In order to show the last row (number of observations), I would like this number to be in the middle of each 2-columns. In this sense, I specified the option “……. stats(N, fmt(%) labels(“\midrule Observations”) layout(“\multicolumn{2}{c}{@}” “\multicolumn{2}{c}{@}”))………..”.

While other causes for the ship's loss are possible, this accident and others with a clearer attribution to nuclear submarines suggest that submarines operating in fishing zones represent a danger to fishing trawlers who when "catching" a submarine may be at significant risk of being pulled under. The Celtic League indicates that accidents with submarines may have accounted for the loss of more than 20 motorized fishing vessels since 1970 with the loss of over 150 sailors and demands better communication between the military and the civilian authorities.

Thesis beamer

thesis beamer


thesis beamerthesis beamerthesis beamerthesis beamer