The latest report

WHO has published a global TB report every year since 1997. The main aim of the report is to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date assessment of the TB epidemic, and of progress in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease at global, regional and country levels. This is done in the context of recommended global TB strategies and targets endorsed by WHO’s Member States and broader development goals set by the United Nations.

The data in this report is updated annually.

WHO reports from previous years are archived by WHO. They are available in the WHO Institutional Repository for Information Sharing (IRIS) at the following link: http:///tb/publications/global_report/archive/en/.

Please note that direct comparisons between estimates of TB disease burden in the latest report and previous reports are not appropriate. The most recent time-series of estimates are published in the 2017 Global TB Report.

The latest report

the latest report