Term papers in crossword

“Harry Houdini” was the stage name of Hungarian-born escapologist and magician Erik Weisz (later changed to “Harry Weiss”). Many people are under the impression that Houdini died while performing an escape that went wrong, an impression created by the storyline in a couple of movies about his life. The truth is that he died of peritonitis from a burst appendix. It is also true that a few days prior to his death Houdini took a series of punches to his stomach as part of his act, but doctors believe that his appendix would have burst regardless.

Hi all! 😊
Glenn and Nolanski: impressive times on this one!!
No errors; good puzzle. I also got stuck where you did, Kay — just drew a blank till I put in that G!
@Francophile, no apology needed! 😁
Vidwan, it’s amazing isn’t it– to think of the millions of people who have no choice as to what they eat. I’ve heard that crickets are high in protein and sustainable to raise. I even saw a “Shark tank” episode with these two young guys who had developed energy bars made from a flour of ground-up crickets. 😮
Has anyone seen the hashtag ruinabooktitleinoneletter? Ruin a Book​ Title In One Letter! I came up with:
A Farewell to ATMs
Gone With the Wino
Several good ones on my friend’s Facebook page, and for some reason my favorite is
The Incredible Lightness of Boing!
….Others can’t quite be repeated here…😮
Be well~~™🍷🍷🍷

Term papers in crossword

term papers in crossword


term papers in crosswordterm papers in crosswordterm papers in crosswordterm papers in crossword