Spiritual intelligence research papers

The Golden Child perceives these complex energetic configurations between the Cosmos and the planetary body. The NAA has attempted to damage the human neurological system, erase memories, and shut this higher knowledge down through Mind Control and victimization . However, the embodied Krystic consciousness brings these matters into increased awareness and attention when the being has devoted themselves to be of service to the planet and humanity. Many of these Krystic beings are Starseeds and Indigos that came to earth, to remember to do this geomantic work, and to anchor cosmic energies on the planet at the end of the Ascension Cycle . [3]

A Marked, Short-term (Desirable) Increase in Attrition Rates
Some people simply don’t want to give up their victim mentality and become uncomfortable when the people around them begin to grow and change for the better. They usually leave within six to 12 months but quickly become replaced by people with a higher vibration. That’s because like attracts like. These new-hires will be attracted by the high vibration of the company as a whole, and they, in turn, will contribute to its raising the vibration even higher. The effect is cumulative.

Spiritual intelligence research papers

spiritual intelligence research papers


spiritual intelligence research papersspiritual intelligence research papersspiritual intelligence research papersspiritual intelligence research papers