Siegfried sassoon essay

In Regeneration, Sassoon the character is an extremely sympathetic figure. He is a man who stands by his convictions and refuses to be used by those who would sacrifice him for their ideals—namely, pacifists. Though Sassoon returns to the war, we do not get the impression that he has been influenced to sacrifice his beliefs. When asked point-blank in the Board meeting about his views toward the war, he replies quite directly that his views have not changed at all. In an environment of madness, Sassoon is sane. His importance is heightened by his individuality.

In 1986 Andrew Nadolski, then a young art student, arrived at Blundell's to produce a photo documentary of life in a typical boarding school. He spent two months photographing many aspects of School life; pupils, teachers and the army of support staff who keep Blundell's running smoothly. Now, 30 years later, a book of the photographs is being published. Featuring more than 100 images, Boarding School - Blundell's 1986 is an affectionate look back, capturing the essence of a school at the end of an era before the years of modernisation and full co-education. The images of a smoke-filled, male dominated common room, study rooms complete with Samantha Fox posters and rows of baths in the boarding houses are a marked contrast to that of life at the school today.

Siegfried sassoon essay

siegfried sassoon essay


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