Research prospectus

A research prospectus is an abbreviated version of a full-blown research proposal. It is the natural next step after you have developed your research canvas . A research prospectus is a brief overview of the key components of a research study. These components together form the “DNA” of the research methodology design. The purpose is to build quality into the proposal process by getting this DNA right before launching into developing a full-blown proposal. Experience suggests that if the DNA is right, the proposal comes together much easier, is more likely to be internally consistent, and requires less rework .

The Government of Himachal Pradesh has created a separate and independent Directorate of Medical Education & Research in the year 1996-97. The main objective behind its creation/establishment was to integrate all Medical Education services . Medical, Dental, Nursing & Para-Medical under the overall supervision/control of Deptt. of Medical Education & Research. Prior to 1996-97, only one Medical College and one Dental College in Govt. sector and one Dental College in private sector were functioning. After the creation of this Directorate, the strength of these medical education institutions has increased considerably

Research prospectus

research prospectus


research prospectusresearch prospectusresearch prospectusresearch prospectus