Research paper on the effects of stress

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The IRA continues to operate in Ireland to this day under at least two different organizational names. Since 9/11 it has become increasingly difficult for them to act as they were designated a terrorist organization long before 2001. The Omagh bombing of 1998 marked them as one of the most dangerous organizations in the world and was just one more example of how far they have come from being a revolutionary force with any concern for its own people (Dingley 451). The continually depleted sense of security and nationalism that has resulted from the activity of the IRA is evidence that prolonged violence is rarely a catalyst for any kind of positive change. There was a time when the IRA’s rebellion won a better Ireland for Irish Catholics and if they had left it there it may have turned out differently. But what was once the great hope for the Irish has long since become an international blemish and a very real boogey man in their own backyard.

Research paper on the effects of stress

research paper on the effects of stress


research paper on the effects of stressresearch paper on the effects of stressresearch paper on the effects of stressresearch paper on the effects of stress