Presidential candidate essay

Awards and honors:

  • The Winston Churchill Award (presented by Prince Charles in1986; third recipient and first businessman to receive the award; given for exhibiting character similar to that of the late British prime minister).
  • The Raoul Wallenberg Award (first recipient; given for lifetime service reminiscent of that of the Swedish diplomat who saved more than 100,000 Hungarian Jews from the Nazis during World War II).
  • The Jefferson Award for Public Service.
  • The Patrick Henry Award (first recipient; given to a . citizen for outstanding service to his country).
  • The National Business Hall of Fame Award.
  • The Sarnoff Award (for contributions to the electronics industry).
  • The Eisenhower Award (for support of . Armed Forces).
  • The Smithsonian Computerworld Award (first recipient; given for contributions to the computer industry).
  • The Horatio Alger Award (given for overcoming obstacles to achieve significant career success).
  • Medal for Distinguished Public Service (highest civilian award presented by the Department of Defense; given for his efforts supporting . prisoners of war).
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Caucus and Primary Results: Iowa (2nd), New Hampshire (1st), Nevada (2nd), South Carolina (2nd); Alabama (2nd), Arkansas (2nd), Colorado (1st), Georgia (2nd), Massachusetts (2nd), Minnesota (1st), Oklahoma (1st), Tennessee (2nd), Texas (2nd), Vermont (1st), Virginia (2nd); Kansas (1st), Louisiana (2nd), Nebraska (1st); Maine (1st); Michigan (1st), Mississippi (2nd); Florida (2nd), Illinois (2nd), Missouri (2nd), North Carolina (2nd), Ohio (2nd); Arizona (2nd), Idaho (1st), Utah (1st); Alaska (1st), Hawaii (1st), Washington (1st); Wisconsin (1st); Wyoming (1st); New York (2nd); Connecticut (2nd), Delaware (2nd), Maryland (2nd), Pennsylvania (2nd), Rhode Island (1st); Indiana (1st); West Virginia (1st); Kentucky (1st or 2nd), Oregon (1st); California (2nd), Montana (1st), New Jersey (2nd), New Mexico (2nd), North Dakota (1st), South Dakota (2nd)

Presidential candidate essay

presidential candidate essay


presidential candidate essaypresidential candidate essaypresidential candidate essaypresidential candidate essay