Pol pot genocide thesis

The Third Reich did not end with WWII or Hitler’s death. Hitler viewed himself as an
instrument for its introduction into the world, a return to the First Reich. His belief that the end of the First Reich began with the introduction of the second, Moses and the Ten Commandments, startled me and offers in the big brush strokes of Belloc history a different view than the factoid nonsense we are expected to digest. The mutual commitments to the same return to the past by Muslim and Nazis is flourishing everywhere. Look at results of both so-called US political parties over the last 60 years. The incremental introduction of sanitized First Reich began in the US as soon as WWII ended.

Yes, Mandela resorted to violence as a response to the ruling, but illegitimate, regime’s use of violence. It is true that when offered a conditional release by PW Botha he did not meet the condition of renouncing violence – but that is not the whole truth. What he said was that he would renounce violence if the government also renounced violence. Of course they wouldn’t and so he didn’t.
The difference between a terrorist and a revolutionary, between a traitor and a freedom fighter is often one of perspective. It’s not enough to say that so and so embraced violence to achieve their ends. George Washington fought a war to gain political freedom. Then he went back to his farm (but did he renounce violence or apologise for having done so?). This is a better parallel for Mandela. Mandela did not rule by means of violence. He came to power via the ballot and notably reined in the security forces after the excesses of the apartheid era.

I agree with your point and would like to add to it with another analogy. People say they essentially use religion as a tool to achieve happiness, charity, love or some other goal. A carpenter uses a hammer to build. The difference is a carpenter does not worship the tool he used to get the job done, and has enough confidence in himself to know that he is capable of getting the job done without that particular tool. In fact their are much better tools than a hammer which are at his disposal to use to do the job, and if they are more efficient then he will choose to use them. Their are much better tools available to achieve ones own goals in regards to morality but because the believer has no confidence in their own idea's they choose not to use these tools. It's sad really, and even dangerous.

Pol pot genocide thesis

pol pot genocide thesis


pol pot genocide thesispol pot genocide thesispol pot genocide thesis