People of everglades essays

The Tamiami Trail , which crossed Collier's domain, passed five miles north of Everglades City. While construction was proceeding on the Trail (it was completed in 1929), Collier pushed construction of what became State Road 29 from Everglades City to Immokalee , providing the town with its first land connection to the rest of the state. [15] In 1928, the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad began service to Everglades City, which became the southernmost point the Coast Line ever reached. Service was provided by an extension of the Coast Line's Haines City branch from Immokalee to Deep Lake , where it connected to Collier's Deep Lake Railroad , an earlier railroad that transported agricultural freight. [16] The railroad was removed in 1957. [17]

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People of everglades essays

people of everglades essays


people of everglades essayspeople of everglades essayspeople of everglades essayspeople of everglades essays