Not doing a dissertation

The 2012 Olympics in London will present a significant challenge for the London Underground, as approximately four million visitors are expected over a two week period. Transport for London has released a variety of plans for the management of visitors during the Olympics, but considerable community scepticism remains as to the likely success of those plans. This has been bolstered by incidents such as that on Wednesday, 23rd May 2012, when more than 770 passengers were forced to walk through tunnels after problems on the Jubilee Line (each receiving £40 compensation). This dissertation will track the progress of the Underground transport system through news reports during the Olympics, and will evaluate the success of the management plan, comparing it against the success of transport systems for previous Olympic Games in Beijing and Athens.

Do the dissertation, without honours you can never do a masters or phd, and you might laugh at that now but you might want to in the future. Also ... and yes I am going to sound like a 1960s socialist... you owe it to your profession. Nursing was seen as something secondary to being a doctor. Nurses have fought to make themselves in to a profession in its own right with high standards for entry and promotion, you are about to become part of that profession.

Ask for an extension if you can, if not use the advice of the poster up above and hand something in. Defer if you can.

Break it down in to chapters so say 10 000 words

500 Intro
1000 Ch 1
1000 Ch 2
1000 Ch 3
1000 Ch 4
1000 Ch 5
1000 Ch 6
1000 Ch 7
1000 Ch 8
500 conclusion

That might seem like a lot, but you can make the intro and conclusion 750 words and the inbetween chapters 1500 words then it's only 7 chapters.

Do you know what your topic is? Can you do it entirely from secondary sources?

If you don't know what it is then may I suggest looking at something you know such as 'the impact of being a parent on studying nursing' or 'online and social media support for student parents' - ie mumsnet.

Ebola in the UK would also be quite good because there must be some journal articles by now, but there is not a lot because it is so rare.

OK back to actually doing the dissertation.

I do know someone who did their dissertation in 2 weeks and got a good grade, you just need to get a dissertation to a pass.

Have you done your literature search yet? How old are your children?

I got a pack of multicoloured post it notes and would pick a key word and give it a colour. Then get textbooks and look in the index for the key word and stick a post it on the actual page in the text.

On occasion I may have insisted someone else to do this, a child old enough to read the key words (they don't need to understand them) can do this.

You end up with text books with various coloured post its attached and you leave them there so you can come back to them another time.

You can also write on the post it to cross reference with another article.

Give your self treats, nothing big but say after your first chapter you have a long bath with lots of smellies, or a bar of your favorite chocolate, or an afternoon with your kids. No mumsnet until you have written 500 words.

Timetable as much as you can, including time with family, and worrying. Yep put aside 10 mins at the start of the day to worry, once that is over start the work.

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Not doing a dissertation

not doing a dissertation


not doing a dissertationnot doing a dissertationnot doing a dissertationnot doing a dissertation