Mckinsey application essay

You can apply as a generalist consultant, which means you'll be able to work across a number of practices or you can apply directly to one of our practices . You should also specify the position ("Business Analyst", "Junior Associate", "Associate" or "Business Analyst Intern" / "Associate Intern") and Prague as the office of your first choice. Don't worry if you feel you may have applied for a wrong position. Every CV is reviewed by us and we will determine which role you are suitable for after carefully assessing your education and experience.

Of course, the motivation for doing something like this should not be just so that you have something cool to put in your resume, but it goes to show how helping your community can also help you. My point is that you do not need to go around trying to apply for leadership positions. You can often start something yourself (like organizing a food drive), and gain some great experience while helping out your community. I won’t list out my unique interests just because it might give away my true identity, but many of my more interesting differentiators come from similar sources.

Mckinsey application essay

mckinsey application essay


mckinsey application essaymckinsey application essaymckinsey application essaymckinsey application essay