Essays on stem cell research

Limited migration of neural stem cells in adult brain is a roadblock for the use of stem cell therapies to treat brain diseases and injuries. Here, we report a strategy that mobilizes and guides migration of stem cells in the brain  in vivo . We developed a safe stimulation paradigm to deliver directional currents in the brain. Tracking cells expressing GFP demonstrated electrical mobilization and guidance of migration of human neural stem cells, even against co-existing intrinsic cues in the rostral migration stream. Transplanted cells were observed at 3 weeks and 4 months after stimulation in areas guided by the stimulation currents, and with indications of differentiation. Electrical stimulation thus may provide a potential approach to facilitate brain stem cell therapies.

A typical group meeting might include some of the following elements: a time of sharing their experiences, mutual support, discussion, worshipping, prayer, a communal meal, etc. In many churches, "unsaved" individuals are not invited to cell meetings. The meetings are not intended to be vehicles for conversion of unbelievers. Rather, cell members are expected to visit non-Christian friends and relatives, develop caring relationships with them and " lead them to Jesus personally ." They then introduce the new Christians to the cell group. This is the major source for the recruitment new members.

Essays on stem cell research

essays on stem cell research


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