Essay fate in romeo and juliet

juliet is capulet ,dutiful child , is shy,loyal from the begining of the shows her obedience to her the other hand she falls in love with romeo and she vows love for tragic flaw is the fluctuation between her love to her family on hand ,on the other hand the love to should have decided from the begining of the play either marrying romeo or follow her family by marrying her cousin of restoring the love between the two families ,they widened the gap since romeo murdered her cousin paris due to the murder  of his friend mercutio .her tragic flaw leads to the their tragic death at the end of the play.

Through the irony of Romeo’s defiance rebounding upon himself, Shakespeare demonstrates the extreme power of fate: nothing can stand in its way. All factors swing in its favor: the outbreak of the plague, Balthasar’s transmission of the message of Juliet’s death, and Capulet’s decision to move Juliet’s wedding date. But fate is also something attached to the social institutions of the world in which Romeo and Juliet live. This destiny, brought about by the interplay of societal norms from which Romeo and Juliet cannot escape, seems equally powerful, though less divine. It is a fate created by man, and man’s inability to see through the absurdity of the world he has created. Now, in this scene, we see Romeo as agent of his own fate. The fortune that befalls Romeo and Juliet is internal rather than external. It is determined by the natures and choices of its two protagonists. Were Romeo not so rash and emotional, so quick to fall into melancholy, the double suicide would not have occurred. Had Juliet felt it possible to explain the truth to her parents, the double suicide might not have occurred. But to wish someone were not as they were is to wish for the impossible. The love between Romeo and Juliet exists precisely because they are who they are. The destructive, suicidal nature of their love is just as much an aspect of their natures, as individuals and couple.

Essay fate in romeo and juliet

essay fate in romeo and juliet


essay fate in romeo and julietessay fate in romeo and julietessay fate in romeo and julietessay fate in romeo and juliet