Essay does god exist

When the chassid again asserted that he would mend his ways, the Rabbi invited him to a game of chess. During the game, the Rabbi intentionally made a wrong move and asked permission to be permitted to retract the move. "You know the rule, Rabbi," the chassid said, "once you have removed your hand from the piece, the move is final." Nevertheless, he gave in. Later in the match the same thing happened, and the man said, "I am sorry, Rabbi, but you cannot keep on retracting moves. You must think before you move; once you have done so, it is final."

I have never seen the different Bible versions as “different interpretations” as if we are all reading some different book. I have always seen them as “different versions”, “different translations”. To me, they all are telling the same thing and I have studied most versions. The books left out by the Protestants of course is a no, no, and some Protestant versions have incorrectly changed a few words here and there that are not from the original Hebrew and Greek, but mostly, even their versions can seen as sources to help us in our study.

Essay does god exist

essay does god exist


essay does god existessay does god existessay does god existessay does god exist