Economics engineer homework help

If you are considering the economics field, know that it is a very broad industry. The corporate world is a very popular career option for economics majors, but you typically need an MBA degree for this path. If you have excellent analytical and communication skills, you might consider employment with a consulting firm. Governments at every level employ economics professionals for evaluation and management of their operations. With a degree in economics, you can become a researcher, professor, or educator. If you’re looking for a stepping stone to a career in the economics field, consider employment in economic consulting.

MSFE Program Faculty for 2017-2018

David Allen Ammerman - ., Kansas State University
Anne-Christine Barthel - ., University of Kansas
Liang Chen - ., University of Kentucky
De'Arno De'Armond - ., Texas Tech University
John Francois - ., University of Kansas
Eric Hoffmann - ., University of Kansas
Shan Lei - ., University of Missouri
Anne Macy - ., Texas Tech University
Ryan Mattson - ., University of Kansas
Neil Meredith - ., University of Georgia
James Owens - , Harvard University
Rex Pjesky - ., University of Oklahoma
Duane Rosa - ., Texas Tech University
Bin Shao - ., University of Illinois
Brandli Stitzel - ., University of Oklahoma
Neil Terry - , Texas Tech University
Huabing Wang - ., University of Alabama
Yafei Zhang - ., University of Iowa

Economics engineer homework help

economics engineer homework help


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