Dissertation dedications

The known inscriptions from Alemannia mostly date to the century between AD 520 and 620. There are some 70 inscriptions in total, about half of them on fibulae. Some are explicitly dedications among lovers, containing leub "beloved", or in the case of the Bülach fibula fridil "lover". Most were found in Germany, in the states of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria . A lesser number originates in Hessen and Rheinland-Pfalz , and outside of Germany there is a single example from Switzerland, and a small number of what are likely Burgundian inscriptions from eastern France.

“Despite all that we did for John and his family John is now dead; he is just an official statistic, just one of hundreds in a big city among hundreds of cities. An ordinary kind of guy who made decisions that a few short years later led him to lose his life on the end of a needle. But to us John was that which changed us all. This is what motivated me to delve deeper into the issues of addictions, it led to my Masters degree studying in that same city, and ultimately to my attending the Breining Institute to complete my formal education.

Dissertation dedications

dissertation dedications


dissertation dedicationsdissertation dedicationsdissertation dedicationsdissertation dedications