Data warehousing research papers

They say that students live exciting lives. This is only partly true. How can one’s life be exciting if your professors team up against you every single time with dozens of assignments? An essay on history, a research paper on economics, a book review on literature in a never-ending loop? It doesn’t have to be this way you know. Paper writing should come with an interest and involvement. Otherwise, it will hardly be a success. Surveys say that 9 out of 10 people never use any knowledge, gathered in a college or university when writing research paper. This brings up an obvious question: why bother? Sleepless nights spent on writing various boring assignments should be an echo of the past. Share our insight on things? Welcome to .

5. hadoop or any other DFS or graph key-value (tupple ) storage system is only one of many Software packages to be CONSIDERED FOR DW (processing,querying and integrating) at any company to work with large volumes of data.
6. COMMON misconception at IT shops about hadoop: it is ‘software engine to support data processing and data manipulation/querying’. it is not -just a file system (not advanced) to provide cheap storage of data files, not secure unless data is incripted.
to support distributed solutions is exponentially growing with new features/data implementations.
8. apples and oranges – when job descriptions are saying HADOOP DW architect…- it makes me smile as hadoop knowledge can help only as 1/100 for skill set needed to build DW on hadoop…
as well as data scientist (analytics/math expert) on hadoop – this is complete nonsense, as hadoop MAP Reduce hardly can support simple linear algebra iterations or recursions algorithms , not mentioning statistical formulas…buzz…buzz…buzz…

Data warehousing research papers

data warehousing research papers


data warehousing research papersdata warehousing research papersdata warehousing research papersdata warehousing research papers