Cornell university thesis

Book prizes are given to outstanding students nominated by their German instructors. The books are donated to the Department of German Studies by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany.  The recipients were: Chuting Deng, Inyoung Hong, Jixun Ding, David Faust, Michaela Novakova, Andrew (Drew) Kott, Yu Lou, Tyler Etzel, Alexandra Bergmann, Ryan Shawindass Ramano, Avichai Natanel Kapach, Sarah Elisabeth Gutz, Brian Youngho Shin, Maxwell Vega, Yu Lou, Sohyeon (Catherine) Hwang, Matthew Luebbers, Emily Crawford, Taylor Goodin, Sherri Couillard, Nathaniel Williams, Matthew Owen Crescimanno, Emma Stillings, Moteleolu Monifeolu Onabajo, Joshua Levi Ringquist, Xinyi Li, Boomer Olsen, Kevin Parvizi, Arundathi Sharma, Alyssa Trigg, Emma Craven-Matthews, Nicole Helen Schwardt, Devon Langbein, Joshua Taylor, Stefanie McNerney, Lauren Stechschulte, Kristen Claire Hegedus, Nicole Helen Schwardt, Leighton Fernando, Yeuzhou (Celena) Huo, Isadora Anderson, Patrick Molligo, and Xinyi (Lena) Li.

Students who are enrolled in professional degree programs are ineligible for assistantships outside of their graduate field of study, unless the director of Graduate Studies for the student’s program requests an exception based on the student gaining experience directly supporting the student’s ability to teach the subject matter of the profession. Requests for exceptions must be approved by both the dean of the Graduate School and the dean of the college in which the professional degree program is housed. The college that administers the professional degree in which the student is enrolled is responsible for payment of the full tuition. Professional degree students may be appointed as Graduate Teaching/Research Specialists.

Cornell university thesis

cornell university thesis


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