College applications essay examples

I chose this article because college applications is a hot topic in my family and life right now. This week in AP US History we talked about how competitive college applicants are getting. Now people have to apply to many schools because there is a chance that they won’t get into the better school. In addition, public schools, the cheaper option, are getting more and more smarter applicants due to the price of private universities. I personally believe that people are applying to more colleges because they don’t know where they will get in. My sister is a senior this year, so she has just finished applying for college. My sister applied to about fourteen colleges even though everybody in my family knows it is between two schools. My sister had two schools in mind, Hofstra, a private/expensive school, and Binghamton, a public/cheaper school. She applied to all the other ones just in case and to see if she could get in. Personally, I don’t plan on applying to more than five schools because almost every college have writing supplements that you have to do on top of the essay. Seeing how long it has taken my sister to finish all 14 of her college’s supplements, I feel that applying to more than ten schools is useless, especially if you know the ones that you would prefer to go to. Finally, I believe that applications are going up because everything nowadays is online and can be done fairly quickly. In the 90s very few families had computers so applying was challenging, now that everybody has a computer, applying can be done quicker, easier and cheaper.

In 2007, members of the Annapolis Group discussed a letter to college presidents asking them not to participate in the US News "reputation survey". [53] A majority of the approximately 80 presidents at the meeting agreed not to participate, [54] although the statements were not binding. [55] Members pledged to develop alternative web-based information formats [55] in conjunction with several collegiate associations. [56] US News responded that their peer assessment survey helps them measure a college's "intangibles" such as the ability of a college's reputation to help a graduate win a first job or entrance into graduate school. [57] An article by Nicholas Thompson in Washington Monthly criticized the . News rankings as "confirming the prejudices of the meritocracy" by tuning their statistical algorithms to entrench the reputations of a handful of schools, while failing to measure how much students learn. [58] Thompson described the algorithms as being "opaque enough that no one outside the magazine can figure out exactly how they work, yet clear enough to imply legitimacy." [58]

Most colleges and universities in the . have their own set of requirements for the information that is necessary for a college application. A common requirement on a college application is the applicant's standardized test scores, most commonly the ACT or SAT , and a high school transcript . Some colleges also require applications to include a Letter of Recommendation and a personal essay. A commonly accepted application used by many universities is the " Common Application " which is an online application that is used by over 500 colleges and universities. Deadlines for admission applications are established and published by each college or university. Many college-bound students receive application assistance and advice from their high school guidance counselors. Students who are transferring from a community college to a four-year college can obtain guidance from their college counselors.

College applications essay examples

college applications essay examples


college applications essay examplescollege applications essay examplescollege applications essay examplescollege applications essay examples