American romances essays

Update, 8/9: Moreau’s Lumière is “an excellent film,” writes the New Yorker ’s Richard Brody, “one that deserves to be revived and discussed alongside the classics by other directors in which she performed. Moreau, one of the great actors of the time, was one of the best, most popular, and busiest actors of the time, and in Lumière, she films what she knows: the world of movies, on and off the set. The movie’s subject is the link of life and art, and it’s filled with a lifetime of thought and insight about both; Moreau conveys her harsh and blunt practical wisdom in a tone of hard-won serenity, and dramatizes the effort of maintaining it.”

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In this anomalous collection of eight essays, Brown ( The Gifts of the Body ) juxtaposes her personal history with classic literature and movies. In "A Child of Her Time," she reminisces about the abundance of oranges when she was growing up in Jacksonville, FL, in the 1960s and how it contrasts with the children in books of Laura Ingalls Wilder, who are thrilled to receive the fruit as Christmas presents. "Extreme Readings" explains how Brown identified with A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man as she traveled on a bus to a summer bible camp. Brown aligns the movie version of Shane with the day when her father and mother broke up their marriage. Each essay is followed by extensive notes revealing additional thoughts, explanations, and source material. VERDICT This whimsical flight of imagination shows how books and reading have influenced the author's life. Recommended for creative writing students and aspiring writers. —Joyce Sparrow, JWB Children's Svcs. Council, Clearwater, FL

American romances essays

american romances essays


american romances essaysamerican romances essaysamerican romances essaysamerican romances essays